This is the home page for the Y KNOT, a 1986 Watkins 25 sailboat owned by John and Cindi Myers.  This boat has taken us on many adventures over the last 15+ years and this page will try to chronicle them as well as other trips without the boat.

Note:  Over the years as the internet became faster and monitor resolution increased, the resolution of the photos has also been increased.  For best results, after you open the photo gallery, change your browsers page zoom level to better view photos.  Make sure you can see the arrow buttons below main photograph without having to pan the screen.  Older years will need more zoom, newer years less or none.

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 §      2018 Sailing trip -  Ecuador, South America to Jacksonville, Florida, 30 days afloat.

Click here for the Trip Log            Click here for the photo gallery


§        2013 Florida Cruise - February 3rd through March 7th - 26 days afloat, the longest cruise to date for us!


§        2011 Lake Erie Islands Cruise - July 5th to July 20  We met our friends Dave and

Mary Lou at their home port on Cattaba Island and sailed sometimes along side them and sometimes by our selves to various destinations.  Here are the photos from John and Cindi’s camera.   Here are the photos from Dave and Mary Lou.


§        2010 Cruise in the North Channel of Lake Huron - June 20th to July 3rd  6 other boats accompany us on this cruise thus the other boats and crews in photos.  We visited 3 towns and 6 wilderness anchorages during 15 nights afloat.


§        2009:  John Myers, Paul LaPoint, and Scott Alan Murphy sail Paul’s Watkins 33 “FINALLY” from Brunswick, GA to Belhaven, NC a distance of 545 statue miles mostly up the ICW.  Click here for the trip log         Click here for the photo gallery

§        Our 2009 Trip to Kigoma, Tanzania for one month including stops in Dar Salaam and Zanzibar (not on the YKNOT)

§        Our 2008 Lake Michigan trip with 3 other 25’ boats including stops in Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Beaver Island, Garden Island, Boyne City and Petoskey

§        Our 2007 December trip to Lake Charles Louisiana to repair hurricane Rita damage (not on the Y KNOT)

§        Our 2007 trip to the Chesapeake Bay where we attended the Watkins owners raft-up

§        Our 2007 trip to the Chesapeake Bay

§        Our 2006 trip to the North Channel of Lake Huron

§        Cindi’s 2006 trip to Africa (not on the Y KNOT)


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