Chesapeake Bay 2007 Trip!  Including 5th Annual Watkins Raft-up at

Yankee Point Marina!


Day 1 –Thursday, May 24th

Day 2 – Friday, May 25th

Day 3 – Saturday May 26th - Watkins 2007 Raft-up Photos Click here then continue at Day 9 when you return.

Day 4 – Sunday May 27th  Ice Breaker Party

Day 5 – Monday May 28th Memorial Day

Day 6 Tuesday May 29th


Day 7 Wednesday May 30th

Day 8  Thursday May 31st


Day 9 Friday June 1stOnancock photos


Day 10 Saturday June 2  -  Reedville photos


Day 11 Sunday June 3rd


Day 12 Monday June 4th   - Chisman Creek photos

·        We leave in the rain at 8:10am, and we have left the 3 reefs in the main.  The boat has yellowish-brown stains on the deck at every fitting.  Since we did not have it again, we decide it may have something to do with pollution from the fish processing factory.

·        Our original idea is to go to Wind Mill Point but with good winds we arrive there fairly early, around 11:30am, and decide it is too early to quit.  So we call Paul LaPointe, and we decide to go visit Jim Brewer!

·        We are having a wonderful sail, talking to Paul a lot on the phone.   He is going to sail up from Ft Monroe and meet up with us…but when he finally gets in our site at the outer markers that lead up to Chisman Creek, about 10 miles out, HE IS ANCHORED!  His motor has quit.  The time is 5pm!  After rafting together, and John going over and looking at his engine, we make a few attempts to try and start his motor…we originally attempt to tow him side-to-side, but that didn’t work at all!  We really grinded away…so, then John made a towing bridle and we towed him bow to our stern.

·        Jim Brewer’s home and docks are up the creek, and as we continue to tow, it gets profoundly dark, and we have never been to Jim’s before.  Jim is at the end of his pier with a flashlight, waving for us, and we finally see him.  [At one point, Paul yells:  “Go starboard!  At your Port, there is only 2 ft of water!”  ahhhh, the joys of fancy GPS!]

·        We arrive about 9:45 PM at Jim’s dock.  Jim’s Marina can actually accommodate us both since he has three slips!  With marine Electricity and water hookup on the docks!  WOW!  Once we get all tied up we go in and order a pizza!  I swear that is the best tasting pizza we have ever had!

·        That day is a record for John and I!  It is the longest day that we have been on the water, and the most miles we have ever done!  Over 13 hours, and over 50 miles!  And we have never towed anyone with our sailboat before! 

·        That night it storms very hard, with winds and rain, but we are secure in “Jim’s Marina”!


Day 13 - Tuesday June 5th


Day 14 – Wednesday June 6th  Photos of sail to Hampton Roads

·        Paul replaces the fuel filter and bleeds the line and the engine fires up and runs.  We head out around noon.

·        Jim had cooked us a late breakfast.  YUM!

·        We sail out for Fort Monroe which is where Paul docks his boat.

·        Paul’s motor quits 3 more times but he is able to bleed the line and get it going.

·        The winds were light, and we had all the sails shook out, and we also had to motor in the end.  We park in Paul’s slip, and he goes to an empty one.


·        On the way we stop at Echard’s A German restaurant.  We get back to Fort Monroe 12:30 AM

Day 15 - Thursday June 7th

·        We got up early so we could tear down before it got hot.  Paul helped and we were able to strip the sails, lower the mast and get the boat back on the trailer in just over 2 hours.

·        We then ate breakfast at Thumpers, a restaurant overlooking the marina.  It had already started to get hot and the AC was welcome.

·        We showered and got cleaned up.  Paul checked and the Tall ship parade was not scheduled until Friday.

·        We left around eleven to drive up and visit the Jamestown Settlement.  This year marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown by the Virginia Company.

·        The exhibit consisted of an indoor museum chronicling the history and life of the time, an outdoor recreation of a small Indian village, a recreation of the stockade, and three full size ships that are modern replicas of the original ships that brought the settlers to Jamestown. 

·        The park closed before we had time to visit the archeological site where they  are excavating the original Jamestown site.

·        Paul drove back to Hampton and we ate in a Thai Restaurant near the docks.  We then walked over to the harbor to visit Rick Jerkins on his Watkins 36 and to pick up some stainless steel parts Rick had made for Paul’s bimini. From the dock we spied David and Vydia’s Artic Nimble at anchor in the Harbor.  We hollered over to them and they rowed over in their dingy and joined the party.  Rick’s Cindi came over later and we all sat on the dock or boat and swapped lies until about 11.  We slept on our boat in the parking lot of the marina at Fort Monroe.

Day 16 – Friday June 8th, Norfolk Tall Ships Festival Photos

Day 17 Saturday June 9th

Day 18 Sunday June 10th


We met and swapped stories with lots of interesting folks, we sailed in some heavy weather and holed up during a tropical storm.  We visited several interesting towns and saw more boats: sail, power, commercial, and military than can be counted.  We also ate a lot of crab and learned a lot about the areas fishing industry.