2009 Africa Mission Trip - John & Cindi Myers


            On January 31, 2009 Cindi & John flew to Kigoma, Tanzania.  We stayed a month returning home on March 2nd

Photo Gallery

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§        Compound Site Two - We lived while in Kigoma in a walled compound that the Wertz’s refer to as site two.  The compound is surrounded by a double wall with a mote, and a heavy wrought iron gate with a guard 24-7.  In the compound are two bungalows named, Kitley and Calvin house, a computer school, several shipping containers and when we arrived, the beginnings of a new community center.  The compound sits on a hill overlooking the Kigoma harbor.  From our patio we could watch ships arrive at the container port to our left and fishing boats come and go from the village on our right.

§        Kitley - Calvin Houses - These photos are of the two bungalow guest houses.


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