2005-2006 Africa Mission Trip


          On December 27th, 2005, Patty Cohee, Carol Campbell and Cindi Myers took off for Tanzania!  We were going to visit and work along side Lowell and Claudia Wertz of JOY IN THE HARVEST!  Our St. Luke’s UMC has supported them with our prayers and financial support since 1996.  They had preached at our church for years, and had always had an invitation to “come and see!”  And so we did!

          These pictures are divided up to those that were in Kigoma, Tanzania where JOY IN THE HARVEST is located.  Here we served the homeless, worshipped with fellow Christians…and Methodists at that!  Attended Church at a Burunde Refugee Camp, visited with Lepers and those suffering with AIDS.  We Reformatted computers at the JOY IN THE HARVEST Computer School.

          The African Safari is just that!  For 24 hours we had a side-trip to Mukumi National Wildlife Reserve.  We enjoyed beautiful scenery.  We have some interesting stories to tell…just ask us!!!

Photo Gallery

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Mission Trip - Photos by Carol Campbell

African Safari - Photos by Carol Campbell

Cindi’s Fish Story –Story by Cindi Myers, Photos by Patty Cohee


Also:  Cindi & John went on 2nd mission trip to Kigoma in February 2009

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