The Fish Story! {All 29.3# 40” X 13”}  or…The Fish That Did NOT Get Away!


     Lowell Wertz took us all out on his fishing boat one day!  It was a wonderful event!  Claudia packed a lunch for us!  Mama Patricia who loves to fish told us about past fishing excursions, and it was a beautiful, warm day!

     Lake Tanganika is the 2nd deepest fresh-water lake in the world!  On the other side of the lake the Congolese Mountains rose 9,000 feet above sea level and were just awesome!

     Lowell loves ‘stuff’.  One of his stories that fascinated me was of the time he bought his GPS…As he ‘fiddled’ with it [as men do with new techie toys], and ‘hooked’ it up to the boat and all, it had a blank screen!  Now, this frustrated him!  To return things that were broken in Africa to the states is not easy!  So when they took off for home,  Lowell claims, that all of a sudden the GPS started working and claimed a depth of 1800 feet!  The GPS instructions guaranteed only 1500 feet accuracy!  WOW!

     So, that day Lowell, and the boat captain, and Mama Patricia set up 4 fishing poles.  They had 2 poles on each side.  Because of the depth of the lake, and the type of fish Lowell was after, he then set the lines with weights to arrive at a depth of about 50 feet.  And then we puttered around the lake.  Lowell assigned each pole.  “Cindi, this one is yours.”  He pointed.

     Now, I am not a fisherman.  I think the last time I held a fishing pole I was 10. My parent’s friends had a cottage by a lake, and we would go to their cottage and go fishing, but I haven’t done it since.  I am a sailor!  I loved the beauty of what I was seeing!

     All of a sudden the line assigned to me started to do something.  Lowell said:  “Come here Cindi!”  And the wrestling match began!

     I have a confession to make.  I kept saying:  “Here Lowell!  Take over!  Mama Patricia, Here!  Patty, Carol, here!”  My arms were getting tired!”  Lowell was wonderful at instructing me.  At one point I said:  What if I lose him?”  Lowell said:  “Then you will tell the story of the fish that got away!”

     But there “HE” is!  He didn’t get away!  That fish sure was good eating!!!  And the best part was sharing him with the Homeless People in their meal of Beans & Rice, and that day, Fish!