Walter Scott Biography - Unauthorized


Walter Scott like Al Larson and Richard Watson worked in the Aerospace industry in the 1960ís.† Like Al Larson, Walter also was an aeronautical engineer by trade and like Richard Watkins he worked for Grumman Aerospace.† Walter like the rest, changed careers and went to work for an FRP boat builder, in this case, Ted Irwin.† Walter worked on lofting of designs, mold design and boat design under Ted Irwin.† Walter became a certified naval architect and eventually became the chief engineer at Irwin Yachts.†


Walter helped design most of Ted Irwinís boats but is not credited because Ted Irwin was the lead designer.† W Scott did however design the Irwin 10-4.† The Irwin 10-4 is the only Irwin boat that Ted Irwin did not have a personal hand in.


Richard Watkins commissioned Walter to design the Watkins 27 which went into production in 1977.


Walter is also credited with designing the Allmand 31 first produced in 1979.


Walter went on to design several one off boat designs and several sharpie sail boats.